WordPress Dashboard Tutorial – 4 Simple Steps to Explore

In the previous blogs, I have explained about the cPanel and WordPress installation. Here we will explore the WordPress Dashboard. To explore WordPress Dashboard login to WordPress by entering your User id and Password.

WordPress Dashboard login

How to Login to WordPress dashboard? If this is your Question? I request you to read my Previous blog to get all the information before exploring the WordPress dashboard.


Once you login to your WordPress  this is the look of Dashboard. On your left-hand side, Under the Dashboard, You get to see Home, Updates, Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools, Settings and Collapse menu. These are the basic options what you can see as soon as you log in to WordPress Dashboard before installing any plugins.

In this Blog, I will explain below points 

  • How to create pages 
  • How to create a post 
  • How to create a menu
  • How to Add Theme 

How to create pages in WordPress?

To create pages in WordPress you need have little idea about your business so that you can decide on pages you want to add on your website. If you don’t have any idea about what pages you want to add I recommend you to visit your competitor’s websites to get little knowledge about pages. Otherwise, initially, you can go with basic pages like HOME, ABOUT US, CONTACT US, and BLOG.

To create pages follow these steps.

  • Click on Pages 
  • Add new
  • Enter your TITLE, Title is nothing but page name. For Eg: HOME
  • Click On Publish 

wordpress dashboard

Now your page is live. If you don’t want to publish immediately you will get an option to schedule. On your right – hand side, you will get a few options where you can hide your pages from Public. To hide your pages you can choose the option called private or password protected which you will get under Visibility option. 

How to create a post in WordPress?

To create a post in WordPress the same steps you have to follow which I have mentioned in the creation of the page. But Instead of selecting pages you have to select post.

wordpress dashboard

  • Click on Post
  • Add New
  • Enter your TITLE. Here Title plays a very important role, It is not a one-word title. It must be like a sentence which is catchy.  Eg: How to Buy Hosting from Bigrock. A Step by Step Guide 
  • Enter the content and Images in the below box. Here you get options to edit your content and Add Media Button to insert Images. Once the content is ready click on Publish.

How to create a menu in wordpress?

After creating pages you have to bring those pages on your website. To do that have to create a menu then add pages and aline. Follow the steps shown below to create a menu.

  • Click on Appearance option on your Dashboard (Left-Hand Side)
  • Click on Menu  (Here everything disables except menu name )
  • Enter the Menu name.  Eg: Primary menu
  • Click on Create menu (Now everything gets enabled) 

Wordpress dashboard

  • Choose the pages you want to add on your website from your left-hand sidebar.
  • After selecting pages click on Add to menu.
  • Those pages you can see on Right -hand Sidebar. Drag and Drop those pages accordingly. If you are looking for submenu drag the particular page to your right side to make it as a submenu. Like I have “WEB” and “MARKETING” under the “SERVICES” page as shown in the above picture. 
  • Selecting the Display Location: Under menu Settings select the display location as Primary menu.
  • Click on Save Menu.

To add few more pages, Repeat the same process – Create pages – Add pages to the menu – Align accordingly -Save menu.

How to Add Theme in WordPress?

What is A Theme? A theme is nothing but a collection of templates used to define the appearance of the website. It can be managed and changed. In WordPress, you get more than 10,000 free themes and few paid themes as well. You can select any theme according to your Business. As soon as you Install WordPress you will have an inbuilt theme from WordPress. Follow the below steps to Add or Change theme.

  • Click on Appearance
  • Click on Themes
  • Click on Add new 
  • We get to see 3 Options Featured, Popular, and Latest. Click on any option to get the list of themes. 

wordpress webite

  • Select one and click on INSTALL and ACTIVATE.
  • Now the Theme is Active. I would always recommend ASTRA theme as we get ready templates with that which would help to design website professionally and quickly.
  • If you are looking for any particular theme like ASTRA. On Right-hand Side top, you get to see search bar just type the theme name and click on search. You can search for themes by typing keywords in the search bar. Eg: Restaurant, Doctor ect…

Wordpress astra

Hope I have provided all the information which talks about what is WordPress Dashboard. If anything you would like to know please write a comment in the comment section. Stay tuned.

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