What is cPanel and How Do You Use It?

Before discussing cPanel, let us discuss why we require it? Have you ever thought of having a website? If yes, then what all the things you required to have a website? You require two things to have a website that is Domain name and Hosting. Domain name is your website name and Hosting is a physical location where websites are hosted or stored. Once you purchase these two things require cPanel to manage your website.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is nothing but Control Panel where you can control and manage your files, documents, Accounts, etc. It is a web-based Linux hosting software provided by many hosting companies for website owners to maintain their websites. Without Control Panel, you need technical knowledge to maintain your website. But with Control Panel, you’re able to make changes using interface. It is easy to easy to learn and easy to use.

Let us discuss a few points about Control Panel

  • How to access your Cpanel Dashboard
  • What does the Control Panel dashboard look like
  • Helpful things you can do with Cpanel

How to access your cPanel dashboard?

When you purchase your hosting, your host will provide the direct link to access your cPanel through a mail. But if you are not finding that link, here is shortcut access to your cPanel dashboard.

You have 3 ways to access your Control Panel :
  • Your website name /cpanel      Eg: www.rithika.org/cpanel 
  • Your website name:2082           Eg: www.rithika.org:2082
  • Your IP address/cpanel             Eg:


Use any method to access your Control Panel. Once you visit that address you can see cPanel login interface. Your username and password you should have received from your hosting provider through a mail. Enter your username and password and click on Login. In case if you can’t find your user name and password, I recommend contacting your host support team.

What does the Dashboard look like?

There is no single look for Control Panel Dashboard. Some hosting providers will have their own structure for Control Panel Dashboard. But most of them look roughly like this.


On the right-hand side of the Dashboard, you get to see “STATISTICS” which is the basic information about your server. It says about the number of Addon Domains, Email Accounts, Disk usage, Memory usage, Subdomains, Files usage, etc. 

In the center area, you can find different links to manages various parts of your hosting account like  FILES, DATABASE, SEO AND MARKETING TOOLS, DOMAINS, EMAIL, METRICS, SECURITY, SOFTWARES, APP INSTALLERS, etc. 

Helpful things you can do with Control Panel

Here are a few helpful things you can do with the Control Panel Dashboard.

  • FILES: Under FILES section, It lets you manage files, check for disk usage, Images, and backups.
  • DOMAINS: Under DOMAINS section, you can add domains under the primary domain, add subdomains, etc.
  • EMAIL: Under Email Section, you can create your own email address using your unique domain name. Eg: info@rithika.org. Then, you can either access a webmail account right from cPanel or set up your new Gmail account using Gsuite. 
  • SECURITY: Here you can block an IP address, Get SSL/ TLS status. SSL is nothing but “Security Sockets Layer” which helps you to change your protocol from HTTP to HTTPS and makes your site secure.
  • METRICS: Under METRICS section, you can check for your Bandwidth, Errors, Your Visitors etc.
  • SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER: From this section, you can install WORDPRESS to build your beautiful website.

I would like to explain all the above points in detail in further blogs. Try this demo account if anything you would like to practice without any danger of breaking.

Try it yourself with this Demo account

This Demo Provides 100% Control Panel Interface for you to practice. The only thing you’re missing is an auto installer that allows you to install WordPress.Feel free to play around with all options without any danger of breaking anything. Click here to get into DEMO account. 

Hope I have provided all the information which talks about what is cPanel and how to Use it?. I will discuss how to Install WordPress, How to create Mail accounts and How to add domains, etc in the next blog, Stay tuned.

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